Cookiecutter for Birdhouse

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A Cookiecutter template for a Birdhouse bird package

Cookiecutter is a command-line utility to create projects from templates. This cookiecutter-birdhouse template creates a barebone PyWPS server adhering to Birdhouse conventions. It comes complete with a framework for installation, configuration, deployment, documentation and tests. It even includes a Dockerfile for containerization! Create your project then get started writing new WPS processes in minutes.

You may at any time update your project using the latest cookiecutter template using Cruft.


This is the cookiecutter template for PyWPS without the Buildout deployment. The template for the Buildout deployment is on branch 0.2.x.


  • Ready-made PyWPS server (a bird)

  • Pre-configured .travis.yml for Travis-CI automated deployment and testing

  • Pre-configured .codacy.yml for automated Codacy code review

  • A Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml for containerization

  • Preconfigured Sphinx documentation that can be hosted on ReadTheDocs

  • A Makefile to install the code, start, stop and poll the server and more


Prior to installing cookiecutter-birdhouse, the cookiecutter and cruft packages must be installed in your environment. This is achieved via the following commands:

$ conda install -c conda-forge cookiecutter
$ pip install cruft

With cookiecutter and cruft installed, the cookiecutter-birdhouse template can be installed with:

$ cruft create

Once cookiecutter clones the template, you will be asked a series of questions related to your project:

full_name [Full Name]:
email [your@email]:
github_username [bird-house]:
project_name [Babybird]:
project_slug [babybird]:
project_repo_name [babybird]:
project_readthedocs_name [babybird]:
project_short_description [A Web Processing Service for Climate Data Analysis.]:
version [0.1.0]:
Select open_source_license:
1 - Apache Software License 2.0
2 - MIT license
3 - BSD license
4 - ISC license
5 - GNU General Public License v3
Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [1]:
http_port [5000]:

The answer to all those questions are recorded in the .cruft.json file in your generated bird.


After answering the questions asked during installation, a bird Python package will be created in your current working directory. This package will contain a configurable PyWPS service with some initial test processes.


  • Create a repo and put it there.

  • Add the repo to your Travis-CI account.

  • Add the repo to your ReadTheDocs account + turn on the ReadTheDocs service hook.

For more details, see the cookiecutter-pypackage tutorial.

See the babybird example of a generated bird.

To keep the generated bird up-to-date with the cookiecutter template:

$ cruft update  # uses configurations in the .cruft.json file

Cruft can be configured to ignore template changes to certain files, see Potential files to ignore:

  • demonstration files, because they are meant to be erased

  • environment files and list of processes, list of tutorial notebooks since they naturally are different between each bird

See cruft_skip example.

To link already generated project that was not initially generated using cruft create:

$ cruft link

This will create the .cruft.json file so subsequently cruft update can be used. You will need to answer the same questions as cruft create above.

Note that after cruft link, the commit field in the .cruft.json file will initially be wrong if you selected the default value. To ensure a proper subsequent cruft update, you need to edit the .cruft.json file and put the proper last commit of the cookiecutter used in that commit field. See cruft_link example.


If you want to extend the cookiecutter template then prepare your development environment as follows:

# clone repo
$ git clone

# change into repo
$ cd cookiecutter-birdhouse

# create conda environment
$ conda env create -f environment.yml

# activate conda environment
$ source activate cookiecutter-birdhouse

# run tests
$ make test

# bake a new bird with default settings
$ make bake

# the new "baked" bird is created in the cookies folder
$ ls -l cookies/

# well ... you know what to do with a bird :)

# finally you may clean it all up
$ make clean

Bump a new version

Make a new version of this Cookiecutter in the following steps:

  • Make sure everything is commit to GitHub.

  • Update CHANGES.rst with the next version.

  • Dry Run: bumpversion --dry-run --verbose --new-version 0.3.1 patch

  • Do it: bumpversion --new-version 0.3.1 patch

  • … or: bumpversion --new-version 0.4.0 minor

  • Push it: git push --tags

See the bumpversion documentation for details.